Kinematic bodies in version 2.0.2 - moving platforms?

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Kinematic bodies in version 2.0.2 - moving platforms?

Postby tuschcarsten » Fri Aug 07, 2015 1:00 am


I am using pyBox2D version 2.0.2, as it is provided by my (debian) package manager (the package name is python-box2d).

Currently I am creating a 2D jump and run game and I'd like to implement moving platforms.
I found some information and forum posts regarding this topic, suggesting to use kinematic
bodies, since those don't have any mass, but can be moved using SetLinearVelocity.
(I'm referring to those two sources: ... ng-with-it )

However, my problem is that in the documentation for version 2.0.2 there is no mention of kinematic bodies.
The API does not even provide a method to make a body dynamic. It seems to be implicitly done
when applying a mass to that body. I also was not able to find some kind of version log, which shows
whether kinematic bodies were introduced in a version post 2.0.2.

Has anyone experience with this version and kinematic bodies? It it even possible or will I have to compile a newer version?

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