Bisonkick Physics game level editor

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Bisonkick Physics game level editor

Postby playpianolikewoah » Thu May 02, 2013 3:59 am

Back in 2010 I wrote here about a project I made called bisonkick. I've completely rewritten the entire thing from scratch. It's at It's exports for all platforms (currently JSON, As3 and ObjC(in beta)). It has events and joints and tons of other stuff. With a free account you can make public designs so that everyone can play them. Here is a cool public design with keyboard control and joints: (you do need flash to run this)
A box2d code sample is in the works. (If you'd like to help I'd be more than happy).
You can also link public levels so that when someone beats your level it automatically links them to the next level.
You can save private designs with a paid account.
It's all still beta and there are so many things I want to add to make it even more awesome. I am open to suggestions.

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