numerical problems and b2_maxTranslation

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numerical problems and b2_maxTranslation

Postby Louis Langholtz » Tue Dec 20, 2016 6:36 pm

Box2D/Common/b2Settings.h defines the b2_maxTranslation macro as:

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/// The maximum linear velocity of a body. This limit is very large and is used
/// to prevent numerical problems. You shouldn't need to adjust this.
#define b2_maxTranslation         2.0f

What are these numerical problems that the comment before the define mentions?

I'd like to find out what insights/experiences Erin and/or others have had regarding numerical problems related to b2_maxTranslation. Specifically I'm interested in more objectively quantifying what the max translation can/needs to be and what other constants are related (in terms of numerical problems). I have my own ideas of what these may be but I don't want to miss any.

For instance, if someone lowers b2_linearSlop, should b2_maxTranslation be also downward adjusted and vice versa? Is that a linear relationship like max-translation needing to be 400 times the linear slop?


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