Collision callback not reliable on old Android device

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Collision callback not reliable on old Android device

Postby e1sk » Tue Aug 01, 2017 2:49 pm

I have programmed a MarioBros clon in LibGdx with the help of a Tutorial. While the game works perfect on the desktop and a Galaxy S7, i encountered some collision callback problems on my Galaxy S2. In my ContactListener i don't get around 1/15 of the callbacks, while the collisions works perfect. So i get sometimes problems like: the player don't get killed on enemy contact, enemys don't bounce off walls or eachother and so on.
My first thought was that mayby the device is overloaded with the Box2D calculation, but when i measure the steping time i get something in between 0-3 ms.
My guess is, that Box2D discontinues the step for any reason. If that's the case how can i force Box2D to finish the step?
I'm not sure which part of the code i should post, so if you have any guess where the problem is i will post it afterwards.
Thanks for your help in advance

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